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Eternalfest is a platform to share modded content based on the Flash platformer game The Caverns of Hammerfest.

I started the project in 2013, with the help of about a dozen other players, who later became very good friends. We released the game to the public on December 2018. In March 2020, Eternalfest became the first game of the larger Eternaltwin project.

Since the initial release, we continue to regularly release new content. There are a few thousand levels, new ennemies, items, quests, etc. We have a few thousand players who are overall very satisfied.

This is a relatively large project that helped me to acquire a lot of experience: software architecture, database administration, security, server management, reverse engineering, interpreters, APIs design, web scrapping, containers, continuous deployment, front-end technologies, backward compatibility and team management.

We have a dedicated level editor and a modding framework in Haxe. We support importing the progress of the player from the original game. As part of the project, I reverse-engineered the original engine and solved the obfuscation used to protect it. When the source code was officially release in 2020, we already had retrieved ~90% of the original variable names. This project was part of my motivation to start Open Flash. We use Open Flash to process most of our SWF files.

I am now busy with other projects, but it's always a pleasure to return on this project from time to time. It is really the project that got me into programming and pushed me to get an in-depth knowledge of web development.